Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Perks of turning 25...!

So, it was a day before my 25th birthday when this title suddenly hit me, just like it happens for most of my friends out there. Of course, for a blogger like me, the difficult part is to get a title than the content. All things considered, ready with my next blog today on Perks of turning 25...! I have always had this fascination about celebrating my birthday like a Disney princess with too many surprises right from midnight, until it was a week before when I realized that birthdays are the reminders to live the remaining life left with tranquility.

Hence Perk #1 Realization!

Of course, it is not right the first day of your 25th birthday you realize the whole philosophy of life. Yet, in the event of stepping in to 25, almost completing quarter century on earth, gradually you introspect yourself. Am I happy with what am I doing now? What I really want to do? Am I prioritizing what I wanted? Is this the path to happiness? are the few common questions you come up with at the end of the introspection. At least, that is what happened in my case. I had answers for few and the rest may not have an answer now, yet I am not too far from finding it though. 25 is an age where you start interrogating yourselves.

While this is the case, there are few who worry too much and put themselves in a situation where they are just left with insecurities and disbelief towards life. This is not needed. You are doing good and you are still fighting to find your way and that’s okay. Do not worry, do not bother if people are far ahead of you. You still have your chance and keep trying until the day comes. The moment you stop reacting and start responding, your success starts.

Perk #2 Improved level of Confidence! 

Until now, you were dependent on your Family, Friends and Relatives for one or the other. In my case, I am unsure to pick a dress of my choice until my mom consents. Of course, not for the fact that my mom had control over my outfits, but I was dependent and unsure of taking decisions on my own. This is not just with the family but with the society as well. Whereas, this age improves the confidence on yourself that you are sure about the righteousness of your acts and follow what your mind says. Nevertheless, knowing the difference between confidence and over-confidence is something you need to work on.

Perk #3 You don’t give a shit about what others think about you.!

In the past, you would have tried pleasing your friends, relatives, colleagues and of course the society by your acts. This indeed, a flop task all through as it is impossible to please every individual. By doing so, many a time you would have lost living the moment the way you wanted it to be. Now, you get this sudden wisdom of realizing pleasing someone is not dependent on you but on the perception of an individual and you start living your life your way.

You feel it is okay to wear your favorite shirt twice a week and go to office without makeup. You will start planning adventurous trips with your male Bestie and never feel unsecured to try out your favorite denim shorts that was lying at the corner of your wardrobe. You talk your views on public forum and try to be more straight forward than pleasing your close ones with lies. So, you get this sudden thrust to live your life the way you want it to be irrespective of what others think about you. And trust me, it feels great to do so.

Perk #4 You find spending time with family more fascinating than attending night parties!

Right from childhood, it is habitual for me to share every simple incident that happened, with my mother. I felt I knew my mom well until last year when my mom started reciprocating it to me. The moment she started sharing her little wishes and speaking out her experiences over the years, I found her so fascinating and understood her need for a best friend which she is now seeing in me. These days we even talk past 1am never knowing where the conversation did start. You will start finding companions within family and grow closer. You suddenly realize how much your family needs you and your time. You try becoming a god parent for your own parents. It is a good feel and there are chances for you to complicate this beautiful feeling with responsibility & bossiness. Try not to be carried out too much with it. Enjoy those little talks with your parents, dinner at home, cooking time and those star gazing moments at terrace on day of power cut.

Perk #5 You understand your priorities!

Prior to this, the priorities of you might have been decided by external factors such as Work, Family, Boyfriend, Friends, Society and so on. Sacrificing a date with your boyfriend for a priority task at work, rescheduling your itinerary for your Aunt’s sister’s In-law’s Son’s Grand child’s first birthday and Utilizing your off-work day for family shopping. In contrast, you would now like to spend your long weekend at home doing nothing other than spending time with your own self. Apply leave on mid of a week to enjoy a food festival happening in the next city and travelling a long way to meet your long-distance Bestie or Boyfriend just for a coffee. You start prioritizing your happiness and inner peace against everything. In doing so, one shouldn’t drown into self, considering that is the only priority.

While, there are many such perks of turning 25, these are the few common factors that relate to most of the individual today. Turning 25 is like achieving a milestone and a start point for many such that you will be exploring soon. Stop running, take a deep breath, think what you want, fix your goals without hurting your happiness & peace and start your journey. It is never too late. Be it 25 or 85, it depends on you to choose the path you would like to follow.!

Happily 25.!